Real Property Law

Real Property Law is generally associated with legal matters involving the use or ownership of land. This could include purchasing a large acreage estate, building a residential neighborhood, or leasing retail space to eager tenants.

The Real Estate Crash in 2008 left many businesses and families devastated. If there is any silver lining that came from such a dark period it is that a much greater number of people understand the value of having Legal Guidance. When looking for an attorney to help you achieve success within the real estate community, you should look for an attorney that understands the bigger picture. This picture includes:

Business Entity Choice. In choosing the best Business Entity for your needs, your attorney should advise you of how the Entity will be organized, how to limit your personal liability, and how to plan for the future of the organization. Please refer to our Business Facilitation page for more information.

Legal Education. Your real estate attorney should be vigilant in educating you on what your legal obligations are. This means your attorney understands and advises you as to how the current laws relate to your matter, what the laws could look like in the future, and when in fact the laws do change that your attorney so informs you.

Finding the Right Deal. As with any undertaking, finding the Right Deal is important to your success. A good real estate attorney understand the law. A great real estate attorney understand the law, the people involved in the particular real estate community, and the crucial details in past, current, and future successful real estate projects that can translate to helping your project succeed. The more information your real estate attorney can provide you, the more likely you are to succeed.

The Majors Law Firm takes great pride in understanding the bigger picture behind each client’s aspirations. In addition to turning out top-notch professional product, we take very seriously our belief that developing personal relationships leads to greater success for everyone. One of our many goals is to make sure we retain that personal confidence and connection with each client that many law firms disregard. This mindset allows us and our real estate driven clients to directly affect our communities in positive ways on a large scale.